Thursday, September 6, 2012

I have a "Blog Sister"!!!

So, I open my email program and this email comes in the lineup... I immediately think it must be spam but it has some specific stuff in there that is true.... so I, being the responsible role model that I am for my fifth graders who are learning about online safety, go to my browser and type in the address instead of click on the link in my email program. And, voila! It is real... I cannot tell what language it is... take a look and see if you know. She cooks something that looks like crepes but they have some plant in them that I do not recognize-can Chef Steph enlighten us? :)

Hédi has left a new comment on your post "Girl Scout Flower Badge...part UNO":

Heidi, you are my 'blogsister'! My name is Hédi, In English Heidi, and I have a blog since Apr, title is Hédi hobbija, In English Heidi's hobby. Your pictures are beautiful, and I'm so glad for you! :) I love flowers and home decorating like you. And I will be teacher! :)


  1. So cute!
    A plant you say...can you narrow it down? Like, NOT a Christmas tree, but closer to a ______________?

    Show me at recess!

  2. Scope it... I am so curious..