More About Me

Heidi here.. I am a lot of things: a mom, a teacher, a Buchwald, a homeowner, a lover of dogs, home decorating and reading, a skier, a goofball. There are many more descriptors for me but the above is a solid representation for now. Back to that "being a mom" part....not only am I am mom, but I am a single mom/only parent/sole adult in charge around here. I love it all but find that I have gotten into a routine of just focusing on getting everything done in fear of falling behind. So, I decided that this cooped up mama needed a hobby-something to focus on (pun intended) besides my kid/my job/my house!

I have always taken lots of pictures with my Canon Powershot 410 point and shoot. I love the pictures it takes and how easy it is to take the camera with me. Well... I originally became inspired to move in the photography/blog direction by Rachel who did a POTD (it is finished too-what an accomplishment-check out her blog!) which brought me to poking around further in the photography blog world. It was intriguing and got my creative juices flowing! I have the interest to learn more about photography and I have plenty in my life to photograph (I am a mom and a teacher for the love of god!) .. this and my tax return money coming in made it time for my "BGC" (Big Girl Camera) to enter my life! So, after researching and getting recommendations, I got a brand spankin' new Nikon D3100 - It is beauteeeful!!!!*** Update-January 2012 I upgraded to a Nikon D7000.

I am taking all kinds of online photography and editing courses and have several books that have assignments for me to complete in them. The biggest thing I am doing is trying to take BGC with me and take LOTS of pictures. I started this blog and, there may be a better name for it in the future but for now I will take pictures and blog... I know that I will learn a lot and hope that, someday, I will be able to give back to the photog/blog world!