Monday, March 21, 2011

POTD Day 3

Today was the first day of conferences and the first of 2 "late nights". I was feeling the pressure to to get my potd and started snapping the "scene" of a conference with nobody there.. This was my last conference of the night and I get a little nutty that late after so many meetings (even though I love them...). This mom is so fun, as is the kid,  we were done with all the business of the school talk and were chatting and I wanted to take a picture of little sister in the background who was adorably "reading aloud" during the whole conference. I had my student sneak over and get my camera so I could grab a shot of the little cutie but she noticed... so this is all posed (including smallfry in the back).. I did a soft focus highlighting my student's eyelashes-I always tell her that Maybeline is calling, etc.. And since the conference is all about her progress, I highlighted her instead of little sis.. (rule of thirds would support my decision). I had to include the other picture since we all had a little laugh after the photo session.

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