Saturday, April 2, 2011

POTD Day 15 Perspective

This week in photog class, the focus was on "perspective". We were to get shots of the same thing from 3 different perspectives. This is one of mine from that assignment. This is the last week of this class and it has been really good-I should almost take it again in the summertime though so I can take a lot more time on each of the components. I REALLY wanted to have today's picture be of my dog Hogan since I got a few shots with his adorable ears perked up but the background was green and it was a bit blurry and I don't know enough of Photoshop yet to doctor it up properly... soon, there will be a great Hogan shot! For now, this one is sort of old fashioned looking even though it is of a napkin holder....zzzzzzzzz.... I see some serious "rain shots" coming since it continues to downpour and is forecasted to continue all week...

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