Saturday, April 9, 2011

POTD Day 20: Cloning my daughter...

Okay, so I got yet another idea from Rachel and Grace and just fiddled around in PS9 until I got somewhat of the right idea! I don't know if I did it the most efficient way, but hey, it worked out overall-isn't that a fun effect?

 I know.. my daughter is "Hector the Collector" for office supplies and the girl is not afraid of color.... AND she didn't get out of her pajamas all day long-that is what Spring Break is all about, right? I love the one where she is dancing in the corner of the room..what a goof!


  1. HA! I am messing with some formatting stuff and somehow, inadvertently, posted the same thing twice-what was the content about? CLONING my daughter...leaving it since it amuses me a bit. (I doesn't take much!).

  2. That's weird - I posted a comment but now it's gone. I said I love love love this and want to do it! I showed it to my mom and she loves it too. Very cool!

  3. I LOVE THIS PHOTO, HEIDI! Little Miss J needs this framed and in her room! ;)