Wednesday, April 20, 2011

POTD Day 30: Another Park Visit

We went to Les Gove Park today afterschool. We were killing about a half hour before J's art class and the park was RIGHT there. This park is really neat-we went there for it's grand reopening last summer (ish?)... It is made with special needs kids in mind-the merry go round is underground so you hop on at ground level, there is a swing that is big and has a restraining bar to hold someone that is bound to a wheelchair and other types of twirly/swingy things that accomodate most anyone.

 The other cool thing about it is that it has musical instruments that you can play-and they aren't obnoxious sounding. There are some bongo type drums, a xylophone (that sounds really pretty even if the player is no pro!).

 In the summertime it has a squirty/sprayee area that kids can play around in-fire hoses type squirters, sprinklers that come out of the ground, etc.... It is conveniently located by the library as well! And no, the City of Auburn did not sponsor this blog post!

I cropped this one to sort of highlight the tree trunks in the background...
and then, she {snapped}

I am playing around a LOT in manual mode. Both these shots were taken that way-I had to take a LOT to figure out the best way to get the lighting. It was the wrong time of day for when I set up the Easter eggs but I want to show a "before" since I am just sure I will get a great one sometime between now and Sunday of Easter eggs!

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