Thursday, April 21, 2011

POTD Day 31: Dear Hogan,

Dear Hogan,
I would like to formally thank you for always protecting us from the evils of the neighborhood! At every doorbell ring, neighbor walking by or ESPECIALLY when those little kids run around warn us about it! It makes us feel so safe.

I love it when your ears perk up and you look intently on what could POSSIBLY be in Arliss and Dan's backyard that would be threatening to us. I captured that moment tonight with my camera! See?

 The other thing that is difficult to catch on camera (besides any good photo of you since you are pure black and sort of anxious about the camera), is the wag of your "nub". And look! I got a picture of both the ears up and the wagginnub all in one shot!
We love you and appreciate you and will get out the "Squirrel on a Stick" soon!

Your People xoxo

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