Sunday, April 24, 2011

POTD Day 33 Timeout from Egg Hunting

Having a child in the house during holidays like Easter is FUN (other times too of course...)! She stopped a few times during her hunt for eggs, as if she were exhausted, and said, "I guess that is it..."... I had to prompt her to get back to it (almost ready to jump in there myself).. Anyway, during one of these little breaks, our dog, who kept following her around during the period of egg searching, hopped up to see her-J sort of does talk to him like an irritating little brother at times, "Hogan is a weird-o", or "be QUIET!".... I like the colors in this picture and that her hair, his fur and the toile curtain are black...

Easter was very low key for us-we did the normal stuff: egg hunt, special breakfast and such... then went to see African Cats which we both liked a lot. 

Til tomorrow... 

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