Thursday, April 28, 2011

POTD Day 36 Sunset

Well...what can I say? Some days are easier than others to get an interesting/creative photograph. It has been a crazy week and I was in productive mode when I returned home from work today (love it when that happens) and will be watching the goodbye to Michael Scott episode of the Office tonight so wasn't really thinking about not having a POTD.

That said, I still appreciate every beautiful sunset I can see out my back windows even if it is through the electical wires and poles....

Tomorrow is Crazy Hair day at school AND we are visiting one of my teammates who just had a baby tomorrow night so there will be photo opps galore!

Happy Friday and, to those of you who are watching "THE wedding" in the middle of the night-please don't call to chat about will be on dvr in the morning for us (but enjoy!) and we can talk about all the important stuff like who was there, THE dress, etc... another day....

Til tomorrow my you think I will get up to 20 followers this weekend? Why do I care? I don't know but I do.... I love knowing who is out there and what your thoughts are, etc... THANKS for having a "looksee"!


  1. heidi, i LOVE this photo. :)
    so sad but goodbye michael scott!

  2. Thanks Grace! I am watching it right is very sad! :(