Saturday, April 30, 2011

POTD Day 38: Back when I was a Child....

When I was a child, 1. I didn't have friends spend the night that much but when I did, it was at approx. age 12 and above.. 2. Technology was a 15 inch television set (for the sake of drama, let's say it was black and white too) 3. I wasn't trying to chase boys until at LEAST third grade and it was on the playground.....

Fast forward.....
The above 2 girls are having a sleepover tonight and have played outside, played school and a few other "non screen" activities (that is a disclaimer so I can keep you in the light of knowing that I really am a great mom...)... but one other activity has been to go to "Club Penguin" online. They are teaching each other "cheats" which, as a teacher, I dislike the sound of and are spending their coins on cute shoes, disco floors (for their igloos), and other interesting items. A few weeks ago, my daughter actually said (mind you-she is EIGHT)..."I have to meet Duncan at Club Penguin at 6:30...his name is Hotwheels22 <not his real name but something similar...again, I am a great mom!>... :)

At least they are interacting with each other as they are online... they really are fun to listen to but it is pretty amazing that the kids these days have such indulgences in their lives. Do I sound like an 80 year old or what?

It is a sunny weekend in the NW-we are LOVING it!!! Happy Weekend to you too... FFF HHH (Feel Free to Follow Heidi Has a Hobby)..... :)

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  1. Yes, I remember back in the day before laptops, or even home computers! My family didn't get a home computer until I'd gone off to college...and I really don't think I'm that old!