Thursday, May 26, 2011


I don't have any pictures that I really WANT to post today (same for yesterday). I have one planned for tomorrow already so will get caught up. I never committed to doing a POTD for 365 days STRAIGHT right?

Tonight I watched "Character Matters" by the second graders at our school (not to be confused with the watching of the same performance today during an all school assembly)... It was so darling and funny. I was SO clearly a teacher this afternoon watching it and a bigtime MOMMY tonight (snapping pictures and getting all sappy). It is a story involving fairy tale characters and demonstrating different character traits. My daughter played.....wait for it..... "Mirror Number One"! :) They were really cute and that is what I intend to get a picture of tomorrow-she and the other mirrors standing together. Clever and easy costumes were used...

Goodnight to all. I must get sleep to face Pajama Day at school and the last day before a long weekend at the end of the schoolyear (but not so close to the end that we can dial things down!).

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