Monday, May 2, 2011

POTD Day 40 These people do not have to mow!

My dad lives on a houseboat and it is a really cool "neighborhood"... People park their boats at their homes and the houses all have rooftop decks. I am sort of cheating since we actually went to see him yesterday but these pictures are a lot more interesting than the ones I took today for a class. They are of simple objects with the aperature being set in different ways (although I am learning a ton from taking those shots). 

This is how they get their gardening fix and most of the pots have water soakers in them so it is even less maintenance than having to get out there and water them yourself. 

My dad took the girlies out in the dinghy and the motor wouldn't cooperate so they got rowing lessons! You can see that they got tired and Grandpa had to row them in after it was all said and done.
The green one is my dad's and that is his boat is parked there next to it. Cool huh?

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