Tuesday, May 17, 2011

POTD Day 53: Photog class-ISO shots

Now remember that I cannot edit these shots at all-they are in the "technical" category so I am messing around with getting a good shot but with different ISOs. This one is ISO 1600.

ISO 400

I was under the covered porch and Julia was doing her homework (yeah, standing up and outside..WHATEVER)... I was taking pictures of lots of stuff to see the effects of different ISO...I am BEGINNING to "get" the whole aperature and shutter speed thing-like I can see that the picture that had ISO 400 was still too dark so I opened the aperature some more and/or reduced the shutter speed.

We are loving the sunny weather (FINALLY some sun!!!).... The fact that students are done with taking the state test along with having the sun out, reminds me that summer break is coming up SOON!!!

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