Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maddening.....yet funny.

I decided that I needed to do my first "transfer the blog to a book to print out" session since posts and pics are accumulating and I am changing my "workflow" with pictures from "upload and order once a month" to "never upload or order but blog about it and know that it will be printed in hard copy one day". So I did. I am so excited to receive my book! I went through Blurb (after trying out several companies that do this) and if it looks half as good as it looks online, I will be STOKED! So, now that it is completed and ordered, I obsessively check the fed ex site to track it. I have been intermittently reinforced for packages coming a day or two earlier than expected so it isn't out of the ballpark to think that MAYBE it will be here before Tuesday. So here is the tracking page:

The book was created in SEATTLE. Then, SEATTLE picked it up and took it to SEATTLE. The destination sort facility is in SEATTLE and now my book spends the weekend at the local Fed EX facility in SEATTLE. I am envisioning one person passing a note or sending an email to someone in the same room with "shipment info" on it, them "picking up the package" and walking outside the door for a moment with it (leaving the origin facility) and then taking it to someone else's desk to be "sorted". I am sure that they are all standing around that room with my package in the middle laughing hard, "Bwahahahahaaaa".

It is probably best that I don't obsessively check this one... it is maddening to see what looks like inefficiency and unnecessary delays but I will live and probably be better for it. Okaaaaay, I will be an adult about it... but you should see the book..

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  1. I love my blurb book...I bet you'll love yours too!