Thursday, June 2, 2011

POTD Day 65: I took 35 kids to Saltwater State Park today

Today was our Safety Patrol "end of the year/celebrate how we showed up even in the bitter cold and rain/skip school to simply PLAY" field trip. It is a great trip and we all had tons of fun. We were all ready for the rain to come and, guess what? NO RAIN! There was a light breeze much of the day and there were sightings of a large fireball in the sky! There was beach combing, eating lunch, going on a "hikelet" (since we couldn't do the REAL hike due to massive amounts of mud), playing volleyball and tug o war, and just generally, hanging out. I chose two photos from the day... here is the first: it is right before we got on the bus. I messed with the colors to make it have a funky effect.
This next one was fun to see since it is two of my sixth grade girls who have been in my class for two years and they are bffs. They were being funny and I snapped a few shots of them being the sassy ones that we all know and love... I love this one... this is new hair for her (as of a few weeks ago)... and I love how her eyes are so bright.. Isn't she beautiful? (They both are beautiful but we don't see M's face..her hair is mighty smooth though I have to say..something that my hair NEVER is!).