Sunday, June 19, 2011

POTD Day 81: Girls take the 'Hood

Something about the background color in the second shot reminds me of the commercials they do that portray "loss" or "lonliness". The reality of these pictures is just girl bikes ready to roll... It makes me laugh to see the chosen items for the basket on the bike. Does she stop and read a bit out of that book? Possibly...


  1. Lovely photos of the bikes! Such great colors! When I was child I always put books in my bike basket--that is how I got them to and from the library!

  2. Heidi, You do make ordinary things look so lovely. I have a few new bikes and have never thought of taking photos of them. Oh! The birds are calling me again to capture them eating the figs.

    Feel free to leave your captions at the comment section. I will post the selected ones next Monday. Thanks.

  3. We seriously need background music for that one...maybe Eminem? Something dangerous sounding. ;)