Tuesday, June 28, 2011

POTD Day 90: Oh MAN!

Mannequin that is...

So, no art camp not only means that I have to drag smallfry along on errands, but SHE has money burning a hole in her pocket and wants to go to JUSTICE!

Background: I don't like to give my phone number/address or even zip code to those stores that ask (example: Justice for Girls) but somehow I am on the Justice mailing list.. J is the one who gets the mail and saw the 40% off everything ad that was mailed out a week or so ago-it has been folded up in her pocket since then. UGH. I am NOT a shopper type. She IS. She had been counting the days until the sale was to begin and I put her off and put her off. We had other stuff to do too so we went to Justice.

We got there, and she was doing what she does: looking at, commenting on, SMELLING the goods (she is a smeller anyway but then found the "scented graphic tees"). I was ranting at how much they charge for stuff that you could get at Target for like 25% of the price-she tells me that Justice is higher quality-WHATEVER.

Well, I catch a glimpse into this small corridor and see the scene below and HAD to take a picture..creepy huh? It made me chuckle a bit since Justice is so "Justice"-colorful, blingy, coordinated, bright, etc.. and then I see this with the pure white, headless manequins in a dingy looking closet/storage area. There is something funny to me about that.

We hopped into Old Navy to see if they had any reasonably priced girls' shorts (they didn't-Target of course came through on that one though-no surprise!).  I really wish that I took more pics and/or took the time to really frame this one and/or make J act more like a real statue-so much potential.. Still kind of fun like this...

and then, she {snapped}Wordish Wednesday


  1. Love her chillin' down there with her Justice bag! And yeah, that mannequin corridor is creepy...

  2. Creepy, but makes for a great photo! Love her happy face.

  3. Ha ha! Too funny!