Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top Ten things to do When you don't want to start painting the bathroom like you are supposed to...

10. Check to see if there are any blogs to read, check facebook, check email....
9. Check on the kids that are slip and sliding in my front yard.
8. Unload the dishwasher
7. Rotate the laundry, take out the recycling
6. Find a few items to send to the Goodwill (if it isn't useful or beautiful it is OUTTA here!)
5. Take some pictures
4. Edit some pictures
3. Check those blogs to read, facebook, email again
2. read ONE chapter of my book-who could argue with taking the time for just one little chapter?
1. ANYTHING...clip toenails, clean a bathroom, take a nap, read another chapter (or 3 or 5), organize a stack of papers, slip and slide with the kids, whatevah....

I will get to it..

ps what do you think of the new blog banner???


  1. your procrastination list is very accurate!

  2. i love your new header!
    oh yes, i have a list very similar to this one when it comes to cleaning my room...

  3. It's like report card avoidance all over again! I have several gallons of paint just waiting for me to pry the lids off. Oops. Started a new book last night. Love the banner!
    -Tjaden (Still having issues commenting on my blog and others. Whaah!)