Friday, July 22, 2011

Life Cycle of a Blogger-Stage ONE-"Blog? What is THAAAAT?"

This is for the new bloggers or potential bloggers out there. I am fairly new too but feel like I have overcome some misunderstandings about the "photography/mom blog" subculture. I assume that other themed blogs have many of the same components to them but this is my path so far... there are several more Stages to the life cycle of a blogger so I will stagger posting them. 

In the beginning....

1. I would hear people talk about or refer to "blogs". I wasn't sure what the heck they were but knew that they had something to do with the World Wide Web.

2. Blog=  weB  LOG ...ahhhhhh. Still no clue what it really was though or why/how anyone would use one. I was all about being online but I sure didn't get that  "blog" thing.

3. A friend had a blog and sent me a link to a "blog post" for me to read. I read it-it it looked like an online diary of sorts. There was no reason at that point for me to have a blog or even to FOLLOW a blog.

4. A link was sent to me informing me that there was a new blog post by that same friend. It was amusing. Repeat 10-13 times and ahaaaa... I really found myself enjoying reading/looking at this "blog" and would love to get updates when new posts are put up in the future.

5. I subscribed to that friend's blog and began receiving the hilarious/informative posts or family updates or cool photos or whatever and looked forward to receiving the newest posts.

Stage TWO: Blogs are fun but I totally don't get some stuff... to come tomorrow....