Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life Cycle of a Blogger: Stage SIX: Going to the next level...

27. I enter every challenge I can find. I give feedback to everyone I can. I can get a sense of peoples' personalities from their blogs. There are some people that I would want to be friends with in real life but we are online buddies and that is good too. I am busy as it is-this way I have an online social life without getting out of my jammies if I don't want to! I am up to 39 followers! Wow!!! Never mind that a friend just hosted a giveaway celebrating her 600th reader (I don't want to name Rachel-that would embarrass her!)... everyone has their path. :)

28. I made a new banner. Because I wanted to make one. I wanted to apply some of what I have learned about Photoshop Elements. I made a button too. Nobody NEEDS a button on their blog with the name of my blog on it but you never know so I made one and I loved making it and learning how to post it. I am starting to love more of photos that I take. It is really cool to learn something new (and good for teachers to do this and walk in students' shoes periodically). 

29. OMG-I have 42 followers now! I am hosting a challenge. I want more readers/feedback/friends and love challenges so thought that I could do one.

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