Friday, July 22, 2011

Life Cycle of a Blogger-Stage TWO: Blogs are fun but I totally don't get some stuff...

6. I see OTHER cool looking blogs on the "above mentioned subscribed to" blog ( was Rachel's....). There are some CLEVER blog names out there! Interesting.. but no need for ME to have one at all-it doesn't even cross my mind to start one.

7. Friends begin taking polls on better names for their blogs. Hmmm...still don't get why it matters??? I will vote...I will participate and give my measly two cents.

8. More subscriptions to blogs.... lots and lots of blogs.... funny blogs. Lots of DIY blogs-so creative and helpful and inspirational. But most are Photography blogs-moms taking pictures and knowing a lot about the art/technique of photography (insert whatever topic instead of photography-probably about the same process). Also blogs of moms in the trenches giving funny/honest accounts of life with kids and being at home or working or whatever is going on. I feel connected to some of these people-we have some common experiences...they are so articulate and honest about the hard parts of being a mom. I admire this and feel some creativity begin to bubble up in me.

9. Blog friends talk about trying to get more readers. They want more people to subscribe. I read a LOT of blogs and love reading them and looking at the photos, etc.. I hardly ever comment though. I sometimes even talk to the computer about the posts-it seems more like stalker behavior to POST on their blog-I don't really want them to know that I live for the updates on these people that I have never met (most of them anyway!). I do subscribe though.

10. Contest? Linky? Post a button/link back? Make a NEW banner? Make a new button? Huh???? Giveaways? Where is the glossary? I will figure it out by looking at all my blogger peeps to see what the heck this stuff is all about. I thought that they just wanted to keep an online diary!

Stage three to come.... can you wait? :)

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