Thursday, July 14, 2011

POTD Day 104: Bridging....

We went to get the oil changed on the car this morning (and, by the way, I hate doing it since they always find stuff that needs to be done to my car when they are in there...$$$$$$)... and smallfry brings a "bag o fun" in anticipation of sitting there for a half hour or so.

Yes, I am a teacher and yes, I want her to keep up on what she has learned last year during the summer but I DID NOT REQUIRE HER TO DO A WORKBOOK! She loves workbooks-especially the kind where you get to, get ready for it.... , put a sticker on the chart for doing a day's worth of work. So this Summer Bridge book is probably too easy for her to do but she still loves it. I will not fight it.

So, in the lobby of the car place, she makes her little "bridging from second to third grade self" at home. Whatever works right? Her personality makes me smile so I am linking up to the Happiness Is...bloghop.


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  1. My six year old loves workbooks too! Get him a workbook and a pencil and he's a happy guy :)

    Just came over from Becky's (Rub Some Dirt On It) Happiness Is... blog hop to say hi.

  2. Just hopped over. It's great that your daughter is interested in learning. So many kids now days could care less. Sounds like some good mothering going on there. Blessings, Melissa

  3. Stylish and smart! ...that's a winning combination right there! :)

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  5. I was totally the same way as a kid-there is nothing more satisfying than checking off lists or adding a sticker to a chart :) You must be proud! You're obviously doing a great job!

    Thanks for sharing at Rub Some Dirt On It!

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