Sunday, July 31, 2011

POTD Day 120: Tomato harvest and a bit o' macro!

As I wrote yesterday, I purchased a set of diopters for 10 bucks. The choices for macro photography (shooting stuff "really close up"), was the diopters, a set of extension tubes for 50 bucks or a macro lens for 150-? bucks depending on the quality/brand, etc.. I chose the diopters.

They look like a filter but are rimmed with metal and the lens is glass. You just screw it onto the end of whatever lens is already on the camera. There were no directions in the box so I started to fiddle. I approached lots of stuff in my house and yard and couldn't focus the camera to take a shot..I couldn't imagine that it was these things responsible for the problem since there is no electronic function at all to them so wondered if, even though amazon said that these were compatible with my camera, that maybe they were not. Then I got physically closer to my subject and voila! Left to my own creative mind to figure out how these work, since they were labeled 1x, 2x, 4x and 10x.. I had originally assumed that they would help my camera be able to see that much closer than normal. But now I am thinking that they make it so I can GET that much closer and be able to focus and shoot.

Anyway, I am pleased as punch to have more options now-I love looking at everyone's macro shots and I got the idea to get the diopters from another blogger but cannot remember who???? If it is you, please tell me and I will give credit where credit is due! Sorry to my neighbors who probably wonder what the heck I am doing getting all up in a (insert pretty much any item)'s face with my camera!

This photo is using the 4x diopter and it is of one of the 2 cherry tomatoes that we harvested today! Yes!!! 2 RED tomatoes that I grew!


  1. Wow...that is beautiful, Heidi! Nice work.

  2. Nice capture! I recently got a set of these too, but can see STILL wanting the real thing... the macro lens (the one I'm eyeing up is more like $400-500... EEeks!). These work for now... fun and affordable, but definitely not perfect!! Have fun with yours!! =D