Thursday, July 7, 2011

POTD Day 92: "Sophiiiieeeee"!

My littlest niece, Sophie is a peanut, the baby, so cute, and everyone looks at her and says, "awwww...". When she was a baby, my daughter was 2 and would, in her "personality plus" kind of way, say in a deep, enthusiastic tone, "So-feeeeeee!" so I always think of her with that voice in my head.

One of Sophie's favorite things about going on the boat was sitting on the bow of the boat while we were underway. She loved that feeling of the wind blowing and the sprays of water flying up. She always had her eyes open for seals, porpoises, whales, etc... I really wanted to capture her with the white knuckles on the bars, hair flying, looking forward and "in her zone". She always caught me though and would give her adorable smile... I will take it!!! I still think that her joy is portrayed in this photo of her. I included the whole, uncropped photo of her with my brother hanging with her. It makes me smile just as much... Do you have a cavity yet from all my gushing? :)

Photobucketand then, she {snapped}


  1. so cute. I like your crop, although it's nice to know she wasn't up there all by herself. : )

  2. Oh they're both wonderful. I like them both and am glad you didn't delete the original. She is one tough cookie--I'd be scared to do that! But tough or not, she's definitely adorable and she deserves all the gushing for sure :)

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