Monday, August 1, 2011

POTD Day 121: Watermelon Sized Baby...

I had my whole teaching team over this afternoon and we did what we all do best: joked, ate, laughed, and then ate some more and laughed some more. I love them and it was so great to have an uninterrupted time to hang with them-that half hour lunch is NOT enough "Blue Suite Time" each day during the schoolyear!

Anyway, I had posted on my FB page the other day that an unborn baby kicked me hard the other day. My friend and teammate, Angela,(mother of the unborn soccer star) was on modified bedrest but now has the green light to do whatever since she could give birth now and things would be fine! Well, she walked in holding a watermelon! HA! I had to photograph it... she visits a website that she goes to that tells her how large the baby is at different stages of pregnancy-so I knew when she (baby) was like a peapod size, cucumber size, last week she was canteloupe size and now she is as big as a watermelon (I may or may not have changed the names of the produce items that represent the sizes since I don't remember those exact details..). She did say that the woman who checked her out at the grocery store said to her, "now don't be smuggling another one out!". HA!


  1. So fun! Hope you all had some great laughs! Hugs to the Blue Suite!

  2. The Blue Suite sends loves back, J.Lo!
    Thanks, was a fun, relaxing, beautiful day.

  3. Such a cool idea! Great shots!! =)