Wednesday, August 24, 2011

POTD Day 144: My Classroom Helpers

Today was the day for the D'Angelo girls to come into my classroom and help me get set up. They figured out that we have been doing this for 6 years straight now! We started when Mary (top right in the photo) was going into sixth grade. We looped for many years at my school (teach the same class of kids for 2 years) so I had Mary for 2 years and Ellen (bottom left) for the next 2 years so pretty much feel like they are family. I never did have Catherine but she was across the hall when she was a wee little fifth grader! Last year, I had surgery and couldn't lift anything and these girls did EVERYTHING for me as I sat and bossed them around!!! 

Today, I walked into my classroom knowing that I would be spending the weekend there since I didn't feel like I was far enough along to be ready for Monday (Open House). I had already been in there like 5 or 6 times too!!! Anyway, in come these gals..I will go in on Friday again and that is it-NOT THE WEEKEND AT ALL.. They are so helpful and so fun to hang with. Thanks again girls-you have a special place in my heart!!

I did some funky editing on y'all...I didn't think you would mind. :) xoxo


  1. You can always use some extra hands. Have a great school year!!! I'm on my second week and let me tell you it hasn't been dull :)

  2. Awww... that is super sweet! Love when I hear of students like that!! =)