Monday, September 5, 2011

POTD Day 156: Random women having the same lunch.

I was sitting at an eating establishment today with  my daughter. We sat facing some booths and I noticed that these two women, in separate booths with their separate people, ordered the same thing. It was salmon and rice (the one gal is eating a french fry but it is from the plate of her boyfriend who is sitting across from her). I felt the urge to take a picture of was so symmetrical yet they were very different gals! It also helped me in the area of "take the picture no matter how crazy you may look in public" issue that pops up periodically. I pretended to shoot the "really interesting pillar thingie" in between them. So I took a shot of the top, the middle and then the bottom part of that pillar (wink, wink!). I am soo sneaky.


  1. I have suuucchhhh a hard time taking pictures in public places.

  2. Good work! I'm not so good at taking pictures of people in public... that's a big leap!! I'm good taking pictures of things in public. You done good!