Sunday, September 11, 2011

POTD Day 160: Brownie Field trip on the water!!

We took the brownies up to my dad's houseboat for earning knot tying and water safety badges. What a day for that!!! My dad had ropes for them to use ready to go and took us all out for a jaunt to Lake Washington.

 It was insane out there-a TON of boats and kayakers.. Once we buoyed up, we did the knots. Captain Eddie was leading-his sunglasses block part of the saying on his shirt-it says, " The beatings will continue until morale improves"...
They learned the square knot,

the figure 8 knot,

And the clove hitch....

by then, everyone was SO HOT and ready to swim. They were crazy (in such a good way)...

After getting out and having a snack, it was time to catch some rays and enjoy the ride back home...can you tell which one didn't want their mama to take another photo? :)

What a day!!! 


  1. Lovely photos.. Bright and colorful.. Looks like you had fun :)

  2. oh how fun! looks like they had a blast

  3. Fun day!! All these are great shots Heidi!! AND looks like everyone had fun! =)