Sunday, September 25, 2011

POTD Day 171: Hallelujah for Natalie!!!

Julia and Clara are buddies and sometimes "make plans" together and then try to tell their parents how they would like it to be. They hang together afterschool everyday and help the kindergarten teachers as they concoct all sorts of activities that they may partake in on the weekends.

On Friday, they had been planning a shopping trip and I immediately put the kabash on it since I. HATE. TO. SHOP. and Sunday was going to be my only day of rest for the whole weekend. Well, then they tell me that Clara's mom Natalie wanted to take them to the SuperMall on Sunday. Natalie and I had an adult pow wow about it and I was convinced that Natalie really was fine with it and so the plan was made.

Today was that day and both girls were beside themselves with excitement. Clara had a chunk of change in her pocket from a birthday gift and Julia had been doing a gazillion chores to earn more money this week so it worked out that they might actually be able to buy something on this shopping trip.

The time that Natalie was going to call for me to pick J up came and went so I just went to the Supermall to pick up my shopper girl and maybe catch a photo of the girlies walking out with their shopping bags and happy smiles. Long story short, Natalie said that they were in Justice at that very moment and so I planned to sneak in and catch some good shopping shots. They were in the ZONE and Natalie was totally fine with, actually LIKED, taking them shopping and telling them that they should do it again sometime, maybe even at Westfield Mall (my anxiety level rises at the thought)... Anyway.. here is the scene..

Evaluating the merchandise, both clutching purses throughout the establishment.

Julia counting Julia's money.

Julia counting Clara's money.

This level of focus frightens me.

Taking a break in a fuzzy chair..

Thank you Natalie for spending hours in the mall with my daughter!!!