Friday, September 30, 2011

POTD Day 173: Jogathon

I have NOT been inspired to blog much in the past few days. It could be that I am sooo tired from working a gazillion hours a week (even though I love it) and then being a mom at home (of course LOVE that too)... but here are a few shots from our school jogathon. The kids are always good subjects for my photography. I have to admit though, that I REALLY wanted to get a good shot of some kid running while I panned with him/her, letting the background blur as they were in action yet really sharp. I did not succeed. :( I will keep trying though!

I love it when the kids bond with each other-one of these kids is new to our school and keeps telling me and some students how much trouble she was at her old school. She is doing really well so far and likes school!

Classic "sixth grade girl energy". :) Love them-two of them were my math kids last year and are complete goofballs (I say that with love in my heart..they know I love em!).

I had to include my own child. It is so cute how younger kids (and sometimes older ones) walk arm in arm. They were not feeling the "jog" in the "jog a thon"... :) They just strolled and chatted and whatever!

What is a jogathon without "joggers"? This one is one that I would never have suspected as being such a RUNNER. She ran the entire time and had the most laps of any girl in my class. I LOVE it! You can barely hear her speak and she knows English well but speaks Russian at home. I just didn't know she could be such a little studmuffin! 


  1. Some great actions shots! I have trouble with those too. My dads graduation he was strolling to the stage i tried to get a picture he walked to fast and all i got was a blue lol..

  2. Great action shots! So fun to see the kids interacting together while getting some exercise.