Tuesday, October 11, 2011

POTD Day 180: DANGER!!

Do NOT try this at home... or in your car. I was driving home and, all of a sudden, I notice that the Sounder is going right by us and we were moving with them at around the same speed for a few moments. I quickly envisioned a cool shot of the train being still while the terrain was blurred. Well, I was driving and had the camera on rapid fire and it was set for photos at school (flourescent lighting...) but still I liked the idea of it. Usually train shots are of the terrain being clear and the train blurred... My vision didn't totally come to fruition since I couldn't change any of the settings while driving... but still.. :)


  1. don't try this at home :))))

  2. Yep... don't try this at home!! I'd probably give it a try too though... creativity!