Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hump Day "Hollah!" time...

Hello there everyone!

How did it get to be halfway through November already? Someone told me today that it was the 51st day of school (not a kid-a teacher!)... that is darned close to a third of the way there which is sort of close to halfway there which is sort of like a "maxi-hump day" for me, my colleagues and students. I will have to figure out when that happens and then do a giveaway or something!

Anyway, for now, we shall celebrate that halfway point through the week. Hollaaaaah! <pushes hands up in the air in a 'raising the roof' kind of fashion>....

Here are some guidelines:

1. Anyone can participate using any camera-edit or not.

2. Try to take the photo this week but I will not be policing this-I just like a little no pressure/no stress uplift halfway through the week..bring on whatever you can!

3. Link up here-that means to grab a "Hump Day Hollah!" button for your post and then add your post to the list below.

4. Leave a Hollah! (enthusiastic greeting/amplified expression) for other participants because, doggonit, it is affirming and fun and interactive.

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