Saturday, November 26, 2011

POTD Day: 212: Good buddies

Hmmm...8 yr old girls and the whole "BFF" thing... I try to tell my girl that it is best to just keep it to having lots of "really great friends" instead of telling particular people that they are your bff. Things change within a young person's life... if you tell someone they ARE your bff and then you feel differently later (or they do), it could well mean some hurt feelings. I am not making a big deal about it but she has lots of bff's. I guess that is better than if she didn't have friends! PS this has NOTHING to do with how I had what I thought was a "bff" as a young kid who was super manipulative and conniving.. who had myself and another girl in her web...we would follow her around like puppy dogs and be mean to the outside person just to be "in" with this powerful girl. ICK.

Mama backing. out. now. Where is the user's manual??? :)

That said, these two had a blast together this weekend. Note the matching outfits and that both have American Girl dolls (with matching outfits) and each has half a "Best Friends" pillow as well as matching BFF necklaces.

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