Sunday, December 4, 2011

POTD Day 218: Little Girl Birthday party photo explosion...

Wow... what a weekend.

I have become a big fan of the "do something big with just a few friends" versus the "do any kind of party with large numbers of kids". It is working for us I would say. The most difficult thing is for kids to decide who the "few" will be. Anyway, the party participants met us where J got her ears pierced and then we went to Build a Bear. If you have read my blog regularly, you know that I get anxiety at malls or other places that have lots of people and/or it is crowded/trafficy to park. ICK. Well, it all went really well. First of all, one of the moms came with me and she was so fun and helpful!

The little hearts that they are holding actually go inside the bear. They had a little friendship "moment" with the hearts... a safer way to be "blood sisters". 

Then, to our house for dinner, cake and ice cream and a slumber party.

Cute and nice kids-they even cleaned up after themselves... Off to early bed for me tonight though!


  1. Happy Birthday to Julia! Spotted teddy bears are the new thing, huh? Good to know!

  2. Those are no "spotted teddy bears". Those are "Blizzard Bears" with a DQ blizzard stuffy thingie that stinks/smells like cookie dough...

  3. Smiling little girls = poetry

    thanks for posting!

  4. Aww. Looks like such a great birthday. Love the photos.