Sunday, December 18, 2011

POTD Day 223: All Dolled Up...

Justice, Build a Bear and American Girl Doll Store-OH MY! Please just give me the "mother of the year award" and we can all move on.

Yes, we went back to the American Girl Doll store. Mostly because, J had asked my dad to take her to the restaurant there for her bday. I had to save him.. this place is a cult for girls. It is really over the top. We went with M and her mom... The girls loved it but even they had a few eye roll moments about what happens in that establishment.

Here is the beginning of the trip, when the girls took their dolls to the beauty salon. Yes, a beauty salon for DOLLS. You pay them ungodly amounts of money for them to put a few ponies in their hair and tie with a pretty bow. Ka-ching. J had birthday money and chose to do this. I was trying to steer her toward the DVD that shows THEM how to do their own doll's hair (with the whole "teach a man to fish" idea in mind) but no... this was part of the experience there. Check it...

Then, the girls each got matching jammies for their dolls. A set of jammies for an 18" doll costs more than I would pay for pjs for Julia!!! Sheesh..The ones displayed above their heads are the ones they got. They do match Julia's cousin's doll's pajamas (and Abbie even has the matching set for her own self to wear). Please note that, if they ever have a Santa at the store for dolls to sit on and get photos taken, that it was MY idea!!!

More tomorrow... g'night!

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