Wednesday, December 28, 2011

POTD Day 255-260: New photos from my D7000!!!! new baby came in the mail today and he is a beeee yoot. :) My mama sent me money and I upgraded my BGC..not ONE level but TWO levels! I decided that this upgrade business could go on forever so I chose the D7000 that is getting fantastic reviews all over the place and is one that I can grow into and use for a LONG time. Anyone want to buy my D3100? It is a great one also... So I haven't even read the manual yet (and I do love reading manuals..I am not kidding..) but took a bunch of shots throughout the day with the new baby. I am in love. 

Winter Break game table: Cheese Touch game-it is fun and funny... this looks like a poker game but with kids and with not poker and with not booze but apple juice and fish crackers. Hehehe. 

Later, we went to Zoolights at Point Defiance Zoo. It was a huge gamble since we are having a wind advisory right now.. we figured that it wouldn't be crowded due to the rain and everything-NOT. It was very crowded but still doable. Luckily the rain poured on us in the car only... Here is Scuba Diving Santa and his elf.. I love the sharks in the shot....

Julia insisted on a smile shot and a "OMG I am being eaten by a shark" shot... she is SO my kid... hehehe.


  1. WHAT?! a d7000?! congratulations! my friend SuLee has one and loves it. I'm sure you will too...let me know the details on selling your d3100 and I'll post it on my facebook, seems like somebody is always looking!

  2. Awesome-I will send the info when I have it all together...this camera has so many features!!!Thanks your throat any better after this morning?

  3. HOW AWESOME for you!! Congrats! I'd love to upgrade, but I'm not there yet. Looking forward to what you can make the new camera do! =)