Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Day in the Life...I took one photo per hour for 12 hours...

This was fun but I fought being stressed since hours fly by and I didn't want to fall behind... it all worked out though. Here is my day today:

9:00 am-After some coffee...I did some stuff around the house. You know, Sunday morning stuff.

10:00 am I processed the 9:00 photo.. :) Julia watched some tv.

11:00-Julia did her chores. I LOVE having the chore chart. Look at Hogan peeking around the door in my room. Away from all dangerous sounds and movements. I sort of like the blown out look in this one-it screams "morning".

Noon-I was trying to set this remote to my tv in my room-the Tivo in that room is a goner after the Comcast outage for some reason. Directions, remote, the tv... and then, it didn't work!

1:00-we went down to the Petos' for a visit. I brought some "Heidi Salad" and meant to take a photo of it before we ate it... oops. Here are the remains.

2:00 Erica at work on her tooth pockets. The local orthodontist is buying a bunch of them from her and she had to create more inventory! I had my computer, my camera and we chatted it up as we she worked...

3:00 I took shots of a bunch of Erica's supplies for creating all that she makes. It is a cool set up-she is super organized and there are labels and bright colors.. See that ruffle thing on the top of the pile? It was probably some baby pants or something from the Goodwill. This is what she does-it is artistic and resourceful and fun.

4:00 Patty Simanek commented on Facebook about "nachos". YUM. They sounded so delish. We sent the girls up to my house to get salsa and cheese and sour cream. Erica had the chips, chicken and beans. Thank you Patty!!

5:00 Here is the screen with the email from our KSD PR guy indicating that there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow in Kent. We couldn't believe it! Pretty sky in the background, right?

6:00 I didn't look up exactly what time blue hour was but knew I was in the vicinity. Erica's house faces out over the valley. They can see lots of city lights from their backyard. This shot was taken through the window glass with no tripod.. Thank you, thank you very much. :) They have Christmas lights along their back fence ...pretty!

7:00 We all went to Walgreens and my daughter bought some candy and, like a good girl, she put it into  the candy bowl at home as directed. I happened to see this when I went into the kitchen ... WHAT? ME???? Whatevs..

8:00 processing photos in our "office room" and I looked over at my daughter's "collections". I see this stack of colorfulness... they are tissues. Our amazing office ladies at school carry cute tissues around for kids at recess to use when they need them outside. Julia (and other kids apparently) collect them. OMG. They have amassed over the last few years. Is this stealing or is this cute and resourceful? Carol, Jen and Judy-I will meet you in the counselor's office to work this out okay? :)

9:00-I SHOULD go to bed at this time tonight. But. there. is. no. school. tomorrow. So I will stay up way too late watching movies and getting a few things done.
 Let me know if you end up doing this-I got the idea from Leigh at "Leigh vs the Laundry". She is the one with Freakshow Friday...hilarious!

G'night all!


  1. Love it!!! No it's not stealing! She pays us... with her beautiful smile every day!

  2. Great photos and I did love the salad!

  3. I enjoyed traipsing through your day with you!

  4. how fun! Love getting a peak into your everyday!