Saturday, January 7, 2012

POTD Day 276-278: Blue hour!!

What a fun day we had today! Chandra hung out with us all day long and what a trooper she was... we went to lunch with my dad at Dukes.. (yum and great to see Papa...). Then, we went to Alderwood where my sweet cherub girl pulled out a map/itinerary that she had created including her path to American Girl Doll Store, Justice, Hello Kitty, Build a Bear, and Disney store. I have spent WAY too much time in these establishments lately!!! The gift card to AGD and the birthday money were burning holes in her pockets. Then, we went to West Seattle to catch "Blue Hour". Here is one photo that I took from that: I hope Chandra's turned out that blue! hehe hm. That was a joke-hopefully Chandra is reading and seeing this.. Here is the truth:
We were pushing the time as it was (Blue Hour began at 4:35 and was going to be over around 5:30 and we got there in the 5:15 range and had to set up, etc..)  and then I see that my cable release cord doesn't work with the new bgc. So I had camera jiggle bigtime! :( Here is the one shot that had the least amount of jiggle. The ferries are blurred since we had to keep the shutter open for a long time..

Here is the most "blue" I got tonight but there is bigtime jiggle...

After taking photos, we went to Angela, Peter and Laney's house and had pizza with them... what a sweet little family they are-LOVE them!!

Tomorrow, I will be in my pajamas all day (except for the 15 min. or so that I will take to show the gentleman that is coming over to look at my d3100!). Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. That sky is awesome... I think the first is my favorite!

  2. Ha-thanks Gretchen! You know that one is blasted with blue in photoshop right? We will try this again another time-it is such a pretty city, a great vantage point and we had FUN!