Saturday, January 21, 2012

POTD Day 316-319 Lalie visit...remember we were cooped up

I had been reading about flash photography and wanted to play...the girls were upstairs so I brought all my gear up there and informed them that there would be a photoshoot. They are too cute (no bias here!). 

These two are like cousins-Lalie is my best friend's daughter and they live right down the street. We mostly get together on Friday nights to hang out and debrief the week and that has been about all these two have seen of each other. Over this week, they played in the snow a lot and hung out...These photos make me smile.

And the lighting looks good! This was at night with dim lighting. I used a speedlight with a diffuser disk (another tutorial idea???). 

The Sweet Violet Linky asks us this week to think about what inspires us. For me, it is life-whatever is happening. I also get inspired when I read about a new technique or gain a new understanding of something that I want to play around with.


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  1. Awesome! This is indoor with a flash! Very impressive! Yes, do a tutorial, and link it up here!! :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!