Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brownie Field Trip... back to the VA Hospital

We took the Brownies to the hospital so that we could plant flowers in their courtyard... it was windy, rainy and cold but there was no whining, there were 5 hard working girls and a bunch of appreciative patients!

1. Parking was seriously scarce today.. I did NOT think that was THAT big of a squeeze until I saw this photo... I call this, "holycrapdon'tshowbarry"... Ha!

2. Remember the parking sitch? We got the wagon and flats of flowers out while it was squooshed in there!
3. They get a lot of attention just walking down the halls here.. 

4. They got a 3 min. briefing on how to plant bulbs... that is all they needed. They are third grade rock stars!!

5. These three had the corner patch of garden space...

6. These two had the side flower bed.

7. The three after they planted and pushed their "inspirational healing sticks" into the ground...
 8. The two after doing the same...
 9. Look how happy they are... so cute!

10. All finished...time for some hot cider and some banter with some of the patients... FUN day!

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