Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random Shots-focus on FOCUS...

I have immersed myself in figuring out how to get sharper images.

1. I bought an ebook called, "Tack Sharp: A Step By Step Guide To Nailing Focus" and read the whole thing this weekend.
2. I was one with my Nikon manual and my Nikon to get things set up the way I wanted..
3. I took lots of photos!!!

I am starting to get it now..funny how, for me anyway, the knowledge definitely comes in layers. I wasn't even really thinking about tack sharp yet-just getting all my manual setting correct and the composition and then post processing. It seems like a "duh" kind of thing to begin to look at more closely but this is my path-don't judge. :)

Some things that I am now doing: on backbutton focus (and now I understand WHY I am), on AF-ON and understand about dynamic focus. I am understanding more about the metering and can more easily adjust it and the focus options without having to get into the menu! I have a long way to go but I am excited about learning this stuff.

I am taking a class on Lightroom right now and starting one on Natural Light tomorrow. I am so excited about the Natural Light one especially...

Here are some shots from the last few days...

These cookies are so. delish.ous. They are made with love by one of our office ladies (okay..she isn't anymore since she retired but she still subs and will always be one of the office ladies to us!). She is MARTHA times 7!!! These were made for Family Math Night the other night...

J and I went to the park today to get outside in the NON rainy/semi sunny weather!!! It was so wonderful..Hogan couldn't contain himself and was yipping and skipping the whole time-we must get him out more. The trees were so cool there...

The Hoagmeister

Cool rock formation...see that grassy hill? My daughter LOVES grassy hills and will roll down them everytime she sees one. It is feeling much more like Spring!!!

These branches look like they are holding their arms wide open to the sky-as if to say to the sunshine, let me absorb you and feel your warmth. Oh-sorry, that was me. The trees are just gnarly and cool.

An "it is darned close to being truly Spring"!!!

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