Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lane Guest Ranch: Tanner's Dogs (and one shot of Lily)

My cousin, Tanner, came to the ranch. Actually, he, along with our cousin Steven, shared "Cabin 14-the BEAR Cabin" with Julia and I. It was so fun to get to know my cousins as adults-we used to see Sarah and Tanner pretty frequently as kids but not Steven and his sisters and none of us sees much of each other as adults. That is the bad news about all of us living all over the country. The good news is that going to a ranch in Colorado made it easy for these guys to join in on the family reunion.

Tanner brought with him his two babies, Joey and Jake. Aren't they SWEET?

Here is the puppy, Jake. This one is my favorite shot of him...

I cannot believe that only ONE of the Joey photos turned out...she is the ultimate dog. I believe that Tanner calls her the "perfect dog". She is training smallfry Jake in awesomeness. 

Here is one of Aunt Rebecca's dogs, Lily. Sweet little Jack Russell Terrier..she was only at the ranch for a short time but represented well!

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