Sunday, September 30, 2012

C Loop Strap System

One of the many photog blogs that I read is Digital Photography School's. They did a review of the Custom SLR Slide Strap, C Loop and M Plate. I bought the first two on the list and will probably end up with the M plate at some point as well but I am loving it!!! I hated having the neck strap around my neck, the weight of my camera was bothersome after a short time and then I felt that I was wrestling the neckstrap when I took vertical shots. I love this system!!! Here is my camera set up with the new strap setup:

The silver metal round attachment is the C loop-it screws into the screw that you would screw a tripod mount onto. The slide strap is worn across the body and your camera hangs very comfortably down at your side The slide strap feature means that, instead of the strap sliding along your body as you bring the camera up, the camera slides up on the strap. The weight of the camera is barely noticeable...seriously. I walked around the Puyallup Fair for several hours with my camera hanging on my side and it was not a problem at all! The M Plate is a plate that screws onto the bottom of the camera into which you screw the C Loop. The plate adapts to tripod mounts so that you can have the mount and the C Loop at the same time. Yes please. I wanted to share in case others might benefit from knowing about this system. Even if it helps just one person, my job has been done. :)

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