Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chore Chart Revived!!!

We have been very busy lately and the chores have been hit or miss....but...we are BACK and my stairs are now vacuumed and I predict that my daughter's toes will be "done" within 24 hours of viewing this photo. Hehe.

BTW...IF I thought that I were going to begin another Picture of the Day (POTD) project, this would be POTD 1. I have NOT committed, even though I want to since that really forces me to use my camera more and get out there and do my creative thang... I am afraid of committment though so I am just talkin' at this point...


  1. This is a fun shot, and I like your vacuum's name. :)

  2. Ha!!! I got your message..I totally thought you were referring to StikVac....Shark is good too!!!