Thursday, October 18, 2012

POTD Day 19: A Practical Joke

I love my teaching team..and they got me today. When it is report card time (or goal setting time like now...), our principal reads EVERY SINGLE document and, if you have an error or something missing on one, he puts a post it note on the sheet. So, when we get the stack of papers after him previewing them, there is a certain reaction that comes with seeing post it notes on your stack (equates to MORE work on this huge task of ours). In this photo, you will see that five out of six mailboxes have stacks of paper with no post it notes and one (MINE) has a bunch. I flipped through the stack wondering why my principal didn't tell me the other day when he first previewed, about these issues. Then I see the "Just Kidding" post it in David's handwriting... The other day, every single one of them had to redo a bunch of stuff on their documents and I didn't have any changes to it was hil aire that mine was the only one today... well played team.

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  1. DVH is quite the prankster. Payback, baby. Payback.