Sunday, October 28, 2012

POTD Day 28: Partay....

We had the Halloween Par-tay! It seemed to go very well-I think everyone had fun-I know that we did! Missed getting photos of the Petos and the Saylors and the Gilberts :(

We had the punch with a hand floating in it and then the kind with eyeballs floating in it. We like our guests to have choices. :)


Julia wrote directions for the games and posted them. She also put tape on the floor for people to stand in the correct place for throwing the balls at the ghost (beginner, middle or expert). You would think she was a teacher's child or something!

"Feely Box"-feel a flap of skin, a finger, some human eyeballs or some cat eyeballs. 

Costumes!!!! So fun...

Todd was a hobo...he even polished his nails (and the toenail that stuck out of his sock) with black polish and rubbed it off.... 

Nina and Ash-Linda Richmand (think "verclempt") and Robert Goulet

Hippie Mary!

Nurse Natalie

Witchies Verna and Annette

Cowboys Arliss and Tyler

Alena got captured!

Whoopie Cushion and some spooky kid. :)

Madonna and another spooky someone...

Girl Scout meeting? 

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