Friday, October 5, 2012

POTD Day 6:All in a Day's Work many of you get to say that you had a pencil case with four tiny frogs in it on your table when you came in from the computer lab? The story is not worth telling, but I did...this guy was cute...looking out and getting close to the edge to see out into the big, bad world. I released him and his family today... don't tell me that I don't make a difference! :)

I still have a thing for photographing shoes.

My students in the computer lab. It was silent except for a LOT of "tap, tap, tapping" on the keyboards.

Working in groups on a math problem. These guys chose to all four work at ONE student desk. It worked... and they rocked it. And one of them turned 11 today. I don't want to embarrass Chloe by saying her name though.


  1. The frog-napper's friend "found" a frog the other day on the blacktop and I made her release it. It was purely accidental, of course, since I was just born yesterday. ;)

  2. Sorry, didn't hear you..I was just falling off the turnip truck!