Sunday, November 11, 2012

POTD Day 36: Electoral Homework

I knowwwwww.... I am behind in my POTD... Maybe it should be the POTW (what do you think Chan and Steph?). We'll talk...

So, on election night, my daughter had a map to color in indicating which states' electoral votes went to which candidate. She was way into it...

In this photo is also another something that was happening here.. there is a Junie B Jones book in the top left corner of the photo... she is really into rereading all her Junie B's and will read one a night most nights. It is NOT her reading level and I hated that she was sort of stuck into reading those. Well, she got a recommendation from her former teacher (god forbid, her MOTHER who is a teacher be a valid source for this!) to read Found. She loves it. More recently, she has decided to participate in the Battle of the Books and is now reading a better ratio of stuff at her level to "for fun" books.


  1. Way to go, J! It's so cool when kids leap into big kid books. :)