Sunday, December 2, 2012

December-photo of the day....Day ONE 8:00

I am going to begin the December Photo of the Day Challenge. Did I say I would also finish it? No....history would tell me to not commit to that. I love the idea of it and plan to continue on... so, without further ado...
Yesterday's prompt was 8:00....This was taken at 8:00 yesterday morning:

I NEVER thought I would do that Elf on the Shelf in a million years but then saw so many hilarious ideas on Pinterest where the elf is naughty. That is my kind of elf!!! So he graffitiized a few Santa photos...hahahahahhahaaa.....Yeah, that middle Santa was during a quick run to Walmart when I lived in Covington and there was this 20ish year old guy in a Santa suit...My girl was not prepped for Santa photos but her look sort of fits with the Walmart Vibe...

And how do I keep my blog from getting the spam comments? It has been going on for a few weeks now and I am not sure how to prevent it... I ignore it but it is slightly irritating. Ideas?

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