Saturday, February 16, 2013

My dog was social today!

I went to the dog park while J and her buds were in dance class. Kristen met me there with her two dogs (Gilly and Shiver)... Hogan was SOCIAL!!! He "talked" a lot though which was quite irritating but it was happyhighpitchedyipping instead of growling.... all the doggie daycare he has had when he needed to be boarded is helping him I would say!


  1. He looks HUGE next to the peewee pup! Love that he was making dog friends.

  2. Go Hogan...Go Hogan...Go!!!

  3. Wow! I'm so impressed with Hogan - tell him good job from Aunt Erica! Love the pic of him on his hind legs! That is a fabulous pic of the dogs with spit flying!